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Thorough Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

When you do your laundry, chances are that you don’t spend much time thinking about how your dryer works. But having a general idea of the mechanics behind your dryer can go a long way toward helping you spot issues before they become a major problem.

When you put your clothes in the dryer, hot air is used to blow past the clothes and start an evaporation process. This water vapor leaves the machine through your dryer vent. But because the water vapor is moist, it also carries lint along with it, which starts to accumulate in the exhaust duct. This can lead to significantly reduced efficiency in drying your clothes, causing higher utility bills and greatly increasing the risk of fire.

It’s important to hire a reputable HVAC contractor like Real Clean Air for professional dryer vent cleaning and inspection on a regular basis. Proper cleaning and maintenance ensures that the vents are clear, reducing the risk of house fire and dangerous carbon monoxide backup that puts you and your family at risk of serious illness or even death.

Signs your dryer vent needs to be cleaned

Knowledge is power, and fortunately for all of us, there are a number of signs and symptoms of clogged ducts to be on the lookout for. Refrain from using your dryer and give our certified techs a call if you notice any of the following:

  • Clothes take more than one cycle to dry/have a musty odor
  • When you open the dryer there is very hot, humid air
  • Lint buildup in your laundry room or around the vent exit
  • The vent on the exterior of your home doesn’t have much airflow
  • The outside of your dryer is extremely hot
  • You found a nest in the vent
  • Your last vent cleaning was over two years ago
  • There is a water mark on your ceiling where your vent runs through

It’s advised to have your dryer vent cleaned and inspected at least once a year. After all, you wouldn’t want to experience a house fire and find out after the fact that it could have been prevented. The average dryer vent cleaning cost ranges from $195 to $295 depending on factors such as accessibility and accumulation. Our pricing is as follows.  A dryer that vents on the ground floor and does not have standing water or a bird’s nest is $195.00. If the dryer vents above the ground floor, has standing water, a birds nest or vents out the roof there are additional charges.  When the dryer is cleaned on the same day as a whole home air duct cleaning you save $95 off the basic dryer vent cleaning price. Give us a call today for a free comprehensive estimate to discover our affordable dryer vent cleaning costs.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Services in Montgomery, MD

Leave the dirty work to the pros

It’s tempting for homeowners for undertake dryer vent cleaning on themselves, but it needs to be said that this is not a DIY project. In order to ensure the job is thoroughly and successfully completed, it’s essential to call a professional service like Real Clean Air that has the proper training and equipment for a job well done. A leaf blower or similar tool doesn’t have the power required to remove debris in its entirety. Our techs are able to clean all types of dryer vents, including ones that go through the roof.

When you trust Real Clean Air, you’re investing in the safety of your home and loved ones at rates that won’t break the bank.

Call today for a free estimate!

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