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All HVAC systems require some maintenance from time to time. Airflow is the primary system that should be checked to ensure everything is running at peak performance. The quality and efficiency can quickly deteriorate if you don’t look after it.

In your air conditioner, the coil is one of the most essential parts of the entire system. It’s the component that produces cold air, where the refrigerant absorbs all the heat so that cooler air can fill the room. This is why the coil is a vital component to look after and ensure it is working because once that starts to go, the entire unit can begin to fall apart.

Dust and dirt tend to build up around the coil quickly and can cause buildup in the cogs, which will hurt your system’s efficiency. If left too long, this debris can begin to cause permanent harm and even respiratory health issues to anyone breathing the air.


Why You Need To Clean and Restore Your Air Conditioner Coils

Coil cleaning is a necessary process for owning an air conditioning unit. The coils work by pulling in and absorbing warm air in the room, but this also means that it will pull in debris, pollutants, and contaminants. This can range from dust and dirt that we commonly see built up in air ducts to more stubborn and dangerous grease and bacteria.

These particles build up inside the air conditioner because the unit produces airflow. These particles can be redistributed alongside the cold air, spreading it to you and your lungs. This will have severe effects on your health. It will also cause your system to work overtime as it tries to work harder to produce the same airflow level.

This is why coil cleaning is necessary – it keeps the air quality at healthy levels. However, coils are delicate parts and should only be maintenanced by professionals. Luckily we can help!


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Need an A/C Coil Cleaner? Call Our Restoration Experts!

At Real Clean Air, we are highly trained and experienced in dealing with all AC coil cleaning and maintenance. We have been helping the community of Montgomery County, MD, and the surrounding areas for decades. This has earned us a reputation for providing top-quality service with attention to detail. 

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