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If you are someone who suffers from allergies, asthma, or similar conditions, then you might have at one point looked at some form of an air filter or purification system for your home. These two systems – while similar in their goal – are not to be confused with each other. These systems aim to help create a cleaner air environment for your home but do so in different ways.



Why Whole Home UV Air Purifier Systems Are Important

As we stated before, air purifiers and air filters are two similar but different systems. Each is important for its reasons, as both are dedicated to helping you attain a healthier environment.

Whole-house air purifiers are most commonly mistaken and confused for air filters as people use the two terms interchangeably. Air filters are more suited to cleaning and filtering the air of any loose dust and debris you would encounter daily. They are most commonly used to keep other HVAC units clean of dust and debris from getting trapped inside or circulated back out through the air conditioner.

However, air filters are only suitable for dust and debris – particles that can be trapped in a filter. There are still other particles that can bypass simple air filters, such as bacteria and fungus. This is where the air purifier comes in and where the difference between the two systems becomes evident. Air purifiers are better suited towards clearing the air of harmful bacteria and chemicals that a regular filter would not be able to do by using an ultraviolet lamp to rid the air of germs and other organisms.

These two systems perform different processes to help achieve a similar goal. They can work well in tandem with the filter catching and preventing larger particles of dust from getting caught up in the air conditioning and the purifier neutralizing any harmful substances that made it through the filter.


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Reliable House Air Purification and AC Air Filter Experts Near You

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