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About Sanuvox

Quality Home Air Purification Systems from Real Clean Air

Are you tired of allergy-inducing dust circulating through your home? Average air filters often aren’t enough to effectively rid your home of dust and mold particles, causing sneezing, respiratory issues, and more. While regular air duct cleaning goes a long way to eliminating debris in your air, nothing compares to a whole-house air purification system. These systems, for both residential and commercial use, give you the truly clean air the Real Clean Air team promises in their name. Interested in a state-of-the-art residential air purification system? Learn more from the experts at Real Clean Air.

Home Air Purification Systems Differ from Air Filters

Whole-house air purification systems are often confused with air filters. While the two HVAC components serve similar functions, they’re not interchangeable. Air filters are effective at cleaning the dust and dirt from your air. Generally, they’re intended to keep the HVAC unit clean on the inside and trap dust buildup from circulating throughout your home. However, air may contain harmful particles beyond simple dust and dander. Air purification systems in your home or business are the solution. State-of-the-art home purification systems are designed to clean your air of bacteria and harmful chemicals. Typical air filters are ineffective at removing these from the air, while air purification systems use ultraviolet (UV) germicidal lamps to rid your air of organisms. Ask the team at Real Clean Air whether an air filter or whole-house air purification system is right for your space.

Sanuvox Air Purification System by Real Clean Air

Why Invest in Home & Commercial Air Purification Systems 

The reasons to invest in a whole-house air purification system are endless. Indoor air is often chock-full of harmful particles, including viruses, bacteria, mold, and allergens. Because we typically want to keep the outside air out, fresh air never has the chance to circulate in our homes and reduce the concentration of these particles. Here’s where residential and industrial air purification systems come in to help. By removing these harmful substances, the health of you and your family isn’t exposed to unnecessary risk. Reasons to choose whole-house air purification systems from Real Clean Air include:

  • Reduce asthma attack triggers and allergens
  • Remove asbestos and cigarette smoke
  • Minimizing fumes and carbon dioxide in your home
  • Prevent mosquitos and other insects from entering
  • Decrease the frequency of respiratory illness

Learn More About Sanuvox, A Leader in the HVAC Industry

Real Clean Air is proud to offer Sanuvox products to the community. Sanuvox has been in the HVAC business since 1995, and since then, their team has continually invested in bringing the latest technologies to the public. Besides their top-quality line of coil cleaning products, they are also known for their unparalleled residential and commercial air purification systems. After over two decades of innovation and hard work, Sanuvox is among the global leaders in home air purification technology. They’ve developed a reputation for exceptional commercial, medical, military, and residential installations, along with some of the most effective technology on the market today. Have questions about Sanuvox’s products? Don’t hesitate to ask the team at Real Clean Air!

Sanuvox Beats Out the Competition with Innovative Technology

Sanuvox has developed some of the most state-of-the-art technology in-home air purification systems. Real Clean Air has helped homeowners to choose among the wide variety of products offered by Sanuvox. They feature two patented types of UV systems: UV Air Purification and UV Coil Cleaning. These products are designed to destroy contaminants like mold and prevent them from infiltrating your home or business. Both affordable and efficient, Sanuvox is trusted around the world for residential and commercial air purification systems, and well as effective coil cleaning. Other products just can’t compare to the clean air you get with Sanuvox technology from Real Clean Air.

Get in Touch with Real Clean Air: The Best in the Business

Are you ready to reap the benefits of clean air in your home? Real Clean Air has the home air purification systems you need to eliminate dust and bacteria from circulating throughout your space. Whether you need an effective unit for your home or commercial property, Real Clean Air has you covered. You don’t need to take our word for it—our customers rave about our prompt service, affordability, and exceptional results. Learn more about Sanuvox air purification systems or contact us for a free estimate today.

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