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About Sanuvox

Established in 1995, Sanuvox Technologies mission was to design a line of residential and commercial UV Air Sterilization Systems that would address Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issues and Sick Buildings. For more than 17 years, our continued investment into research & development and our drive to bring the latest technologies to market has produced a line of Residential and Commercial Air Purification Systems & Commercial UV Coil Cleaning Products that are unsurpassed in the industry.

Sanuvox is now the global leader and manufacturer of Ultraviolet, Air and Object purification. Providing solutions for almost any Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issue. Sanuvox air treatment systems have been designed with maximum exposure in mind, in order to optimize the airborne disinfection rates within the duct and air handler system. Sanuvox products have set the benchmark in commercial, medical, military and residential installations, and has been widely proven to be the most effective system available.

Sanuvox Air Purification System by Real Clean Air

In-Duct & Stand-Alone Sanuvox systems are used around the world in residential, commercial, institutional, medical and military installations and has been widely accepted to be the most effective air sterilization systems available.

Sanuvox has designed and patented two different types of UV systems: UV Air Purification and UV Coil Cleaning. Every bio-contaminant needs a specific dose of UV micro-watt energy for destruction. Sanuvox UV Systems are designed to maximize exposure time delivering the Ultraviolet energy required to deliver exceptionally high airborne disinfection rates. Real Clean Air and Sanuvox cost-effective systems can address your indoor air quality issues that filter and absorption media cannot.

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