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Dryers are among the most useful appliances at home. They ensure your clothes are dry without going through the hassle of airing them outside.

The simple fact that you use your dryer every time to dry your clothes means breaking down is a real possibility. Part of the problems includes the lint and other debris blocking the dryers venting system, thus hurting the efficiency.

These issues can result in more significant problems, such as fire outbreaks. So it’s important to hire reputable HVAC experts for professional dryer vent cleaning and regular inspections. Our company prides itself as the best in the industry, with unmatched experience handling dryer vent systems.

Finding a Reliable Dryer Vent Hose Cleaner in Your Area

Quality is our primary focus when it comes to service delivery to our clients. We are known for handling all types of dryer vents, including ones that go through the roof. We pay attention to every detail regarding your dryer vent and the necessary maintenance service required.

Why stress because of a failed dryer when you have reliable vent cleaning services near you? Our service professionals are well trained in the field of dryer vent cleaning to not only get the job done right but to have a lasting result.

Our technicians’ reliability and versatility mean they understand why investing in the safety of your home is so important. Usually, the accumulation of moist vapor and lint is the main reason why your vent will clog. You may experience the following warning signs:

-Reduced dryer efficiency

-Stale smell after drying.

-Clothes are unusually hot after the drying cycle

-The dryer vent is not correctly opening as designed

-Debris within the outside dryer vent opening

-Clothes do not dry in one cycle

-There is lint build up in your laundry room

All of these signs point to the dryer vent being blocked by debris and needs cleaning. Our technicians come equipped with all the necessary tools to force air through your dryer vent, carefully cleaning out the vent without leaving any mess.

Best Air Duct Cleaning Company in Montgomery, MD

Need Cleaner Services For Your Dryer’s Vents? Call Our Nearby Pros!

If you have a problem with your dryer vent, call our team. One of our trusted technicians in your location will assess your dryer before providing you with the desired vent cleaning service.

Don’t let any problem linger, as it may culminate into high energy bills and an added risk of fire outbreaks in your home. Trust our service professionals who are trained to handle any job. Apart from cleaning, they’ll also provide diagnostic testing. Contact us today!

"Ross from RestoreUnow came from Maryland to Houston, Texas to perform water remediation work given the high demand after the February 2021 winter storm. I got his info from a company in Houston (Green Star Eco Services, Marc Patel) that was highly rated on Angie's List. I met with Ross on Sat 2/27/2021. I recently had a burst pipe related to the power outage and freezing temperature. My water leak was caught pretty early but I still wanted to be sure that I wasn't at risk for mold. He used a thermal/infrared scan to test for residual water in the drywall and floor. He spent a lot of time checking thoroughly the drywalls and floor. I asked if he wanted to cut out any portions of the drywall. He was very honest and told me that I really didn't need to take that step at this time. Ross told me then that the water damage inspection was free of charge. I was impressed that he didn't take the opportunity to upsell me on tearing down the drywall but instead told me to take conservative measures (put a dehumidifier in the area where the plumbers had cut out drywall). RestoreUnow is a very well run and ethical company if the workers are free to give honest judgements and are not pressured to perform unneeded work. I am sad that this company is not Houston-based, but rather is based in Maryland. I would recommend this company without reservations."

"When our basement flooded, Kevin and his team at RestoreUNow were one of the first to respond, which to a panicking homeowner is critical. Their work from diagnosis through restoration and treatment was professional and inspired confidence that the right work was being done in the right way. They were particularly good at explaining exactly what they planned to do and why and ensuring they had our consent for it all. We have a newborn so it was important to our family that the restoration work not consume the entire house (and time!), and Kevin and his team made sure the mold and their restoration work was contained and worked efficiently. Importantly, they handled all the back and forth with the insurance company to ensure that the claim was properly handled. We also had to leave for a day, and I trusted them to work alone in our house. Given the headache that is flood damage, it’s invaluable to be working with a team you trust and, frankly, get along with. These are your guys!"
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